pocket* is a Twitter client for the rest of us.

Has Twittering turned into a chore?

Get back to the simple ways.

pocket*; a pleasantly simplified Twitter client

What’s pocket*?


1.5.2 (May-3-2009)

(1.9MB, Mac OS X 10.5 or later required.)

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  1. *The simplest Twitter client.

  2. *Easy post, easy Retweet.

  3. *Stays under the menu bar constantly.

  4. *Please use TwitterPod or the other twitter client at the same time to your likings.

  5. *Change theme.

  6. *(Optionally) Plays sound when new tweets come in.


© 2009 drikin.com <drikin[at]gmail.com>.

How to use?

  1. *command + click reset counter.

  right click back tweet.

Auto forward/backward while mouse is pressed.

  1. *Support 64-bit binary.

  2. *Introduce Core Animation effect.

  3. *Improve User interface (deprecated auto expand).

  4. *Improve Twitter integration.

  5. *Support mouse wheel.

  6. *Auto forward/backward while counter field is pressed by mouse.

  7. *Customize font color.

  8. *Update Sparkle update engine

  9. *Safari cooperation (do command + click at RT button)

What’s new 1.5